What Is an Anti Aging Skin Product and What Does It Do?

 The skepticism surrounding the terms “anti aging product” or “anti-aging skin product” is not ameliorated in any way by the fact that there is not even a consensus as to how these terms should be spelled.Even if everyone were to agree to use only “anti aging”, “anti-aging” or “antiaging” as the modifier in the term “anti aging product”, there could well be some residual confusion and skepticism.But, in a world in which the collective brain trust that runs Major League Baseball  cannot come to any consensus as to what to do with a feeble-hitting pitcher, it may not be reasonable to anticipate any clarity on the issue of “anti aging skin products” to come from the authorities anytime soon.So, while we are still using at least three spellings for the term, allow me to at least explain what an “anti aging skin product” is and what it does.Despite the fact that there are thousands, if not tens of thousands of skincare products on the market, and quite a number that are claim to be “anti aging”, there are only four basic steps in any daily skincare regimen. These steps are:1) cleansing2) exfoliating3) hydrating4) protectingAt each of these stages, the objective is reduce the toll that living has already  taken on our skin and to minimize the amount of damage that occurs in the future.Hence, any product that accomplishes either or both of these objectives is an “anti aging skin product”.That is, you probably already have some.In fact, if you are at all conscientious about your skincare regimen, you more than likely have more than one anti aging skin product.So, stop being skeptical, and stop worrying bout how to spell it.It may well be that the lack of agreement as to how the term should be spelled is not nearly as serious a  problem as the World Series becomes when an American League pitcher tries to hit.Pathetic.Once again, here are the four basis steps of  your skincare regimen and the points at which you want to plug in an effective anti aging skin product: 1) cleanse2) exfoliate3) hydrate4) protectKeep it simple. Be consistent. 

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