Dr Perricone Anti Aging Supplements – A Review of the Most Popular Anti Aging Diet in the US

This is a brief but topical Dr Perricone Anti Aging Supplements review of the dermatologist who promotes his special antiaging nutrition program – the AntiAging Diet.His book, “The Perricone Prescription,” recommends cosmetic preparations and supplements which are detailed in his longevity eating plan.Promising that this diet will reverse symptoms of aging, while improving your health and appearance, these include the following basic tenets:By adopting his 28-day antiaging diet, he proposes that this will combat aging, obesity and most diseases.Prescribed Diet Plan:1: An increased foods with high antioxidant levels.2. Variety of nutritional supplements that boost levels of vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids.3. The Elimination of foods that contribute to inflammation – a factor of aging.As quoted by the Ball State University – This longevity plan limits your daily food intake to 1,450 calories.Eating PlanThis allows you to eat vegetables, fruits and any carbohydrates that have a low glycemic load rating.This anti-inflammatory food plan features mackerel and sardines, lean meats and fish, wild salmon, all of which provide omega-3 essential fatty acids that contribute to the reduction of inflammation – (Consumer Reports).Foods to EliminateHigh-glycemic foods like white bread, potatoes, unsaturated fats, olive oils, nuts, seeds and cold-water fish.Substitute beverages low in antioxidants such as coffee, sodas and alcohol for green tea.Boost your daily water intake to a minimum of eight to 10 -12 glasses of spring water.Perricone’s Longevity SupplementsThe list of Dr Perricone Supplements include:1. B vitamins.2. C and E vitamins.3. Minerals like magnesium and calcium.4.Topical antioxidants also form the fourth element of Dr. Perricone’s anti-aging diet.Additional Diet ComponentsThe list should also include additional diet supplements with a targeted group of anti-aging trace minerals and health boosters such as carnitine and carnosine, coenzyme Q10 and alpha lipoic acid.Essentially Dr. Perricone’s anti-aging diet, notably treats inflammation that will reverse aging. With low-calorie, nutritional supplements his anti-inflammatory eating plan and cosmetic advice is devised from his personal experience and that of his patients, so rich omega-3 and antioxidant content should decrease inflammation, which obviously contributes to heart disease and strokes.Whilst restoring your insides with Dr Perricone’s Anti Aging Supplements both through anti-inflammatory and antioxidant foods you must also rejuvenate your skin from the outside with creams and other skin preparations if the appearance of your skin is important to your self esteem.

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